Hottest Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals Available Now


Let’s face it. Smartphones are indispensable in today’s age. Anyone bold enough to announce to the world that he/she does not carry a smartphone around in his pocket is sure to meet with curious and puzzled looks. It therefore comes as no surprise that today’s markets are flooded with smartphones in every possible shape and size. We have numerous brands, with each of them shelling out models by the dozens every year.

In such a scenario, the average buyer is bound to be left confused. That is where we come in. We’ve rounded up the latest trends and deals in smartphones for you to look upon and decide which suits you best.

Best Cyber Monday Smartphone Deals

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Things to know

Before buying a smartphone on black friday discount. There are various things to keep in mind when one steps out (or powers up a laptop, whatever the case) to buy a smartphone.

For a majority of users, camera tends to be one of the most important aspects. The greater the megapixels, the better will be the picture quality. Also, with the unstoppable world domination of the selfie craze, it is apparent that front cameras are just going to become more important.

The RAM of your smartphone must always be checked before getting one. The larger is the RAM size for a smartphone, higher will be the number of applications you can run smoothly on your phone without any lag.

Screen size and resolution are again pretty important factors, especially these days when smartphones have, to quite an extent replaced our televisions and desktops.

Battery backup, connectivity, SIM slots and storage capacity are some other additional features one must look out for while browsing for phones.

To further simplify matters for you, and to make sure you get the best value for your money, below we’ve made a list of the latest trends and updates and that you can find in the most recent smartphones.

(Kindly note that these are the very best features that you can find in smartphones as of today, the phone you choose might not necessarily have equivalent features, but what’s really important that those features should suit you and we leave that decision upto the reader’s discretion.)

We hope this list gives you sufficient information to buy a smartphone best suited to your needs.

We wish you a happy smartphone buying experience.

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